Making your passion your business

Making your passion your business

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s really nice. So, do you think that passion is really necessary for a podcaster?

Nicola: I personally think so. I think passion is necessary for whatever business you’re going to choose. But then that’s because I’m an entrepreneurial personality type. I think it’s possible for other people who just want to run their own business to follow a franchise model. But, for me, it would be like being buried alive. I have to have an interest in what I’m doing or I just simply can’t make myself do it.

Evaldas: Yeah, I like the way you — I read a little bit in your book already that you said, “Choose marketing types that you actually enjoy doing it.” I mean, for most people, maybe not everyone, but for myself, I’m always like more technical. The sort of lead marketing back then that we think they don’t enjoy, actually. But, if you look about something that you can market and enjoy, I think that can make a difference.

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Nicola: Well, I think you sound like you’re enjoying this. So, you obviously enjoy podcasting, don’t you?

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s why I do it. Actually, I was thinking hard, what actually I could enjoy and actually make a difference in producing content? Podcasting came to mind because I just listened to a lot of them. Oh, and I try to do it on my cell phone.

Nicola: Yeah, and you know what? Interviewing all those successful people when I was down on my luck, it really helped me to turn my mindset around. Because after about 150 interviews and asking people for their success tips, I realized that, actually, there’s no secret to success. It really is just in your mindset, and taking action. So, you know, interviewing all those people just helped me sort my head out.

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