Making Your podcast standout

Making Your podcast standout

Evaldas:  For my last question, what would you say to someone who’s just starting his podcast, what should be the one thing he should focus on, to make it successful?

Rob:  To be honest, there are probably three or four things, I don’t think there is one thing.  Cos I think if you don’t do — if you can just focus on, let’s say, the content, like the quality in the audio quality, and you’re a really good interviewer, and that’s all you do, I don’t think you’re gonna be successful.  Like I just think, you need other things…

Evaldas:  Can you mention them just so that the audience will know?

Rob:  …Like radio quality, it has to be pretty good.  And then I think that, you need to go out and promote it, like just putting in on iTunes.  These days, I think, it’s really tough.  I think you need to go interview another podcast, you need to get your guests to tweet it out, so you gotta actively be promoting it.

And then, the third one, these days I think you actually need an attractive logo, and as trivial as that sounds, a lot of them that I see have kind of thrown together the like on, and I will now skip over podcast so that I won’t really take them seriously.  If it doesn’t at least look legitimate, or kind of well-designed.

*Photo Credit: Retina Boys and Flickr*

*Photo Credit: Retina Boys and Flickr*

There might be three tidbits that I would focus on early, and you don’t wanna focus on them so much that you’re not able to ship something.  But I do think when ZenFounder had on about fifty episodes in, we just sponsored about a year ago.  And those were three of the things that I really paid a lot of attention to, early on.  It’s trying to make that initial first impression of the nice kind-of a logo, and then good audio quality when someone listens, and interesting content, and then their early promotion to get early listeners.

Evaldas:  I advice anyone who’s interested to go on and listen to Rob’s podcast, and just see how he does by example.  So, thank you for spending the time with us.  It was really fun.  I enjoyed a lot.

Rob:  It was my pleasure.

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