Marc Mawhinney on how he started coaching coaches

Marc Mawhinney on how he started coaching coaches

Evaldas: And how did you came over to this idea?

Marc: It’s a long story. So I always try to cram it down and do a 30 second sound by this, tricky, but basically I got into coaching after — My background is in real estate. So I was in real estate for over a decade and I got started in coaching three years ago. This is my third year as a coach and it really came about more by an accident. It’s not like I grew up saying “I want to be a coach when I’m older,” and I was actually helped by several coaches in my own life. When I was looking to launch a new business, I thought, “What a great way to have a business doing this, to help people and being a coach,” and I can’t think of any better business, so that’s really how it started. I got into it almost by accident.

Now, I’d always read personal development books and done all the personal development stuff like self-improvement courses and videos and seminars. So it was really natural-fed, but yeah, it’s been three years since I’ve made that move and I haven’t regretted it.

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Evaldas: Sounds great to me. You find something that fits you perfectly.

Marc: Yeah. Like a glove.

Evaldas: Yeah. Not easy to do it I guess. I mean, you said earlier that you have, like, 10 years of different kinds of experience.

Marc: Yeah, well those 10 years I was really coaching. I just didn’t call it that. In real estate, I was doing a lot of coaching. I just didn’t realize what I was doing, that it was coaching, but yeah, it’s interesting how everything happens.

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