Marc’s techniques on how to make money podcasting and build a personal brand

Marc’s techniques on how to make money podcasting and build a personal brand

Evaldas: Alright. That’s nice for me to know. As you mentioned that in your podcast, that’s really, interrelated with your business. The thing is that — is there’s an option on how you monetize your show, or do you have any other options?

Marc: Well, my show, the way I monetize that at first was really through my one-on-one clients, and then I added group programs in the podcast, help drive people there. But, I’ve had sponsors on the show before. Just now I’m sponsoring my own show at the moment, because with what I charge from my coaching packages, I can make more revenue getting clients, selling coaching packages as opposed to what I was getting from sponsorships. So that’s the way that I monetize at firstly. There’s lots of ways that you could do it, but for me that’s worked well. But it’s not like that happen where you don’t show number one, so a lot of people get frustrated because they do a few shows and they haven’t get any clients from it. It took me about, I think it was 6 weeks at 7 shows a week, so that’s 42 episodes from where I got my first client directly from the podcast.

The first one that said, “Marc, I’ve listening to your show and I’d like to work with you, or can we chat?” So it took me 40 sum episodes to get a client through the podcast.

Evaldas: It shows that you’re actually telling me to push quite a bit before I can get there.

Marc: It’s not a magic money tree that you plant in the backyard and  sprouts up all those money, which I think some podcasters think. Like you need to be patient, you just have to. Don’t be too focus on the money in the early stages, just focus on putting out the best possible product, the best quality for your audience, then the money will come.

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Evaldas: Yeah, it’s a good advice. I heard from other podcasters that he didn’t had any, like he’d been there for 6 months and didn’t get any listeners, and he just kept pushing and pushing until he sort of break, and then you’ll see the growth again.

Marc: Yeah, you do have to be patient and play the long game. There’s a lot of dilemma in podcasts, you’ve seen them too. There’s probably a big graveyard with podcast people that did 10, 15 shows and just gave up. So like anything in life, you can’t give up after trying it a couple of times, you got to keep going. So, I’m a big fan of podcasting, but I think consistency is the biggest key and you have to definitely have the patience to stick with it.

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