Marc’s way of getting himself out of a worst case scenario

Marc’s way of getting himself out of a worst case scenario

Let’s get back a little bit of Japan, and how it falls in for you. Now, we are going into a much detailed, you find yourself in the middle of a highway, cars are going back and forth without any chance of slowing down, how could you get out of this situation when you are in the middle of the road?

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Marc: It reminds me of, do you remember the video game Frogger?

Evaldas: Not really. What was it all about?

Marc: Okay. Frogger was an old arcade game where you have to get the frog across a highway without getting squash by cars. You’d have to hop across the highway. So, how would I get across? You know what I’ll do? Just to be out of the box, if people see someone that’s naked running by, that’s going to stop some cars in a good or bad way. That’s what I’ll say just to be different. I’ll just strip down in the buff and then I’ll start running across, and my hope would be that then they would notice “Hey, that guy’s naked. He’s not wearing any clothes,” and it would stop. So I guess that’s it. I’d be a streaker or flash who would run across. Who knows? I’d probably still get hit, but it’s worth a try.

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