Marc’s way of getting things done

Marc’s way of getting things done

Evaldas: Yeah. It’s all about your perspective sometimes, if you just look to yourself from a distance and see what you’re actually doing, yeah, that’s nice. So you’re doing so many activities, I guess, you have a deal with podcasts and speaking and your business, family, how do you manage all those things?

Marc: That’s a good question. I don’t know sometimes how I do it. I’m a workaholic, and that probably comes from my background in real estate where I was used to having a phone up to my ear 24 hours a day, and just always being on the go. So, I’ve gotten a little bit better now when it comes to coaching, but that being said, I’m not like Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Work Week. I would probably go crazy with something like that, but, how do I manage it? It’s been a lot of work on my schedule and putting up boundaries, and that work continues the last few years. Because there was a point, even in the last year that I’ve been really happy with the revenues that are coming in and happy with the growth, but you could feel yourself starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff going on. So I’ve started to make some moves, just to help my own schedule and to keep my sanity.

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One of those moves, we’re on the show talk with podcasting and podcasters, so this would be interesting for people listening in. Here in the spring and just the next couple of weeks from the moment you record this in a switch of frequency at my podcast from 5 times a week, Monday to Friday, it will be going to 2 times a week. Probably the reason for that was because I’ve got four under in some episodes, I’ve got enough quantity there, but I don’t want to just be going all quantity, I want quality, and then I have to free up ton from my other business projects with coaching. So, that’s one of the ways I’m managing with the overwhelmed, that way.

Evaldas: Yeah, and I saw it how often you are doing your podcast and I think it’s a pretty and brave, and as I said earlier, crushing it in doing all of them.

Marc: Yeah, I know. It’s been a lot of fun. You know what it’s like with the podcast, it doesn’t feel like work. So it’s not like you’re out in the woods, chopping down trees or logging stones or something, it’s a lot of fun. You also learn what you tweak things with your show, and I’ve been doing the show now since the fall of 2014. I’ve done 400 and some episodes so I said, “You know what? We’ll twist this now and go in a slightly different direction.” I don’t keep the same format and themes for the show, but yeah, I’m looking forward to that change.

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