Mixing Marketing Business and Podcasting

Mixing Marketing Business and Podcasting

Evaldas: Yeah, yeah, quite a good answer. You already mentioned that your podcasting relates to a business. Can you expand a little bit more about that? Did you intentionally thought about it will be related to a business, or what was your intention?

Nicola: Well, I view podcasting very much as a relationship builder. Although, obviously, you do get the chance to advertise your business. You know, John Lee Dumas is brilliant at monetizing his podcast with sponsorship, and yes, we thought that would be nice, but we also — so, we did start with an advert slot in our podcast, but we rotate it between both of our businesses. So, one week it’s Judith’s business that we advertise, and one week, it’s my business. I think if anyone wants to monetize podcast, they could do worse than looking at John Lee Dumas’ story, but also there is a — I don’t know if you’ve come across a podcast called Startup, Evaldas?

Evaldas: No, I think I don’t.

Nicola: Okay, go and look for it. It’s just a blue background with a hand on it, and it’s called Startup, and it’s by the Gimlet Media Studios. The Startup Podcast is a podcast all about how he started Gimlet Media. He recorded conversations, he went out to meet venture capitalists, and the podcast was just inspirational. Inspirational from the point of view of how to make a podcast studio a bit like a Hollywood studio and how to make money from the actual actions of creating creative podcasts, not about businesses necessarily. I think they’ve got three or four going now. The guy who started it, his name’s escaped me now, but he came from the production company that made This American Life, and also, a podcast called Serial.

*Photo Credit: Momentology.com*

*Photo Credit: Momentology.com*

Evaldas: Oh, yeah. I heard one of those.

Nicola: Yeah, and neither of them are about business, but they make money from selling sponsorship. So, Judith and I knew that we could possibly sell sponsorships in the future. We could use the podcast to promote our own businesses. But, we thought more than that. It was a relationship builder because there’s something very intimate about having somebody’s voice right in your head. You can hear every nuance of what they’re saying. You know, as people are listening to us talking now, they’ll be able to hear us much more closely than they would if they were, perhaps, watching a TV show or just listening to the radio.

There’s something very personal about having someone’s voice in your head. You either like it or you hate it. Some people will be listening to me now and thinking, “Oh, my god. I can’t listen to this woman for very long,” and some people will be listening to me and thinking, “Oh, she sounds okay. I better go and check her website out.”

Evaldas: I think that you focus all the time when you’re listening to someone. It’s like almost talking like one-on-one with someone. That’s why the podcasting medium is so different than anything else. I think that’s what makes it so special.

Nicola: And people tend to listen to podcasts when they’re doing other things. So, for example, if they’re at the gym or walking the dog, or running, or gardening, and now, of course, podcasts are coming out on production lines in cars. You know, they have the entertainment centers in cars, and all the Android devices that are coming out with a podcast app embedded in them so they can’t actually delete it. So, all of this stuff is just going to make podcasting more and more popular, I think.

Evaldas: Yeah, I mean, even Google, as I said, tries to goes behind the podcasting. Maybe it will provide some competition for Apple iTunes at last. Yeah, interesting stuff. I have high hopes for podcasting as an industry, in general.

Nicola: Yeah, well, good luck, and let me know when this one goes live. I’ll help you spread out the word on social media.

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