Mixing passion, hobby and money with a podcast doesn’t always work

Mixing passion, hobby and money with a podcast doesn’t always work

Evaldas:  I have some ideas like, I know that podcast and journal, I mean in their early stages, it’s more like a hobby.  Do you think that a podcast could lose its charm if people will start making money out of it or does it transform somehow, instead of being just a hobby?

Rob:  I think that the podcast that don’t make any money don’t last.  I can’t think of a single podcast that’s gone for two-hundred episodes that doesn’t have some type of revenue stream, whether it’s advertising or it’s having a community and a conference like we do, we’re selling books or e-books, or there are donations.  There’s a — I think it’s called No Agenda, that No Agenda show, where they just ask for donations, that’s kinda how NPR and like This American Life, and I guess Serial has advertising now.


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I think a podcast without a revenue model is a non-sustainable effort.  I don’t know of a single podcast that I listened to, that has gone for any length of time that doesn’t have some type of revenue because: a) There are some cost with it – that hosting cost, and the bandwidth cost of audio is a non-trivial cost the more successful you get.  And then, there’s also the matter of time, like it’s hard to justify spending as many hours as it takes, especially if you aren’t hiring any editor and you’re spending four hours a week or whatever it is, three to five hours a week.  Most people, like over the course of a year or two, really want SOME type of compensation for that.

So, my opinion is — to be ethical, and be nice about it, and try not to irritate your listeners with stuff.  But I think for the podcast that I listen to, that are good, I would prefer that they either sell me something or have an ad, because then I know that they’re gonna stick around.

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