Most interesting event in Josh’s podcasting journey

Most interesting event in Josh’s podcasting journey

Evaldas: Do you remember any funny stories that you have from your podcasting journey? I mean, you have over 10 years of experience that makes it almost — you started with a podcast in general from infancy?

Josh: Yeah, I would say probably the most interesting stuff that I’ve done, I don’t know if they’re funny stories but I went to, I’m going to say, in 2006, I went to South by Southwest. I went with my podcast co-host at the time, Chris Sailer, and we took portable audio equipment. If you think about it nowadays, it’s probably really easy to just fit all these equipment in a tiny backpack, but back in 2006, there was no tiny real portable equipment. So, I was dragging around all these mics and mixer board, and computer, and all this other stuff, and we’re lugging it all around Austin, downtown Austin just trying to find interesting people to interview, and —

Evaldas: On the street?

Josh: No, no. Luckily, we had a media pass and so there were a number of special quiet rooms available to us. So, I can go and set up but we would drag people in and interview them. So, that was awesome. I got to interview Jeffrey Zeldman, and Eric Meyer, and a lot of people that I really kind of appreciated and looked up to at the time. So, that was kind of cool. We interviewed Jeffrey Veen about Measure Map before it got bought by Google and got integrated as part of Google Analytics. That was pretty awesome.

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Then, a couple years later, I was still doing the Web 2.0 Show and we went to a conference, the Future of Web Apps Conference, I think it was, and we were at the after-party. So, Kevin Rose was there and Gary Vaynerchuk was there, and I had the slightly more portable audio this time. My co-host and I had actually already had a few and we just, in the middle of this crazy after-party, we set up all the recording equipment and interviewed Gary and Kevin, and that was a lot of fun too. Those guys are pretty funny together.

Evaldas: So, you’re using your opportunities?

Josh: Yeah, definitely. The crazy part is we were in Miami, so we were sitting maybe 15 feet away from the ocean at that party, so it was kind of cool.

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