One statistics that Colin would like to have

One statistics that Colin would like to have

Evaldas: Interesting. If you would have a magic wand and you could have any kind of statistics that you want, a single statistic, what would that be?

Colin: For podcasting, the holy grail really is to be able to tell who actually listens to your show and how much do they listen to, which parts they listen to, because we can track downloads but it’s a flawed stat because before any given day, I’ve subscribed to 20 to 30 different shows and they all download on a regular basis overnight, but I don’t get to listen to them all because in some weeks, I don’t actually listen to every episode because there’s not enough time. So they are registering at downloads even though I have never actually listened to the episodes. So it’s tricky with podcast. In that way, we can’t really track an actual listen, a real listen. It goes both ways too. Sometimes people’s stats, downloads will show more than what is true, because some people won’t listen to so many downloads. In other ways, under represents as well, because I’ve listened to certain podcasts two or three times but maybe it was downloaded once. It doesn’t show those real listens. So what I would love is if I could track how many people really genuinely listened to my show and how much of it they listened to. So if somebody has listened through a 10, 15, 20 minutes, of a half of our show, what was it that turned them off at that point. You could look at – say if you have a thousand listeners, you could look at the average listened length and see how people are engaging with your show. See what the good parts are, the bad parts are, will they fast forward it or rewind it, all that good stuff. That will be brilliant.

Evaldas: Yeah, all in sight.

Colin: Indeed.

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