Overcoming challenges and achieving peak performance

Overcoming challenges and achieving peak performance

Evaldas: Can you point out any single problem that you had or challenge when you started out the podcast? Just to change the gears a little bit.

Ana: Yeah. The main thing I’ll just say, I think there are many reasons that we can start a podcast, and it’s a medium that is so interesting. For me, I remember speaking with people in the beginning and the accent was something that I worry about. Because, say, if I write, I can ask somebody to come to the text, improve the text and then I am sure that when I hit the publish button, it’s perfect English. But, I knew that, yes, I can work my accent and I have improved through the podcasting and listening to myself and working with people that help me to improve my pronunciation. I know that investing in a good audio gear and all that kind of things that I knew that people will connect with me or not connect with me because of that.

Yes, I know that, for some people, my accent is going always to be a barrier. Something that will stand in between. They’re even wanting to connect with me because it’s too difficult for them to understand me. But, I know that there are other people that find my accent lovely, and they enjoy it. Some people will feel like almost traveling when we hear somebody with an accent.

And this, I think, is important for everybody. We have to come to the acceptance that we cannot please everybody. If we are wanting to do a podcast that everybody’s going to say, “Oh, this is amazing.” Okay, don’t start, don’t start. It’s going to be, always, people that are going to hate whatever you are doing, but you are not doing for them. You are doing for you and for a certain group of people that you want to connect, and if you connect with that group of people that are people that resonate with your values or who you are with the work that you are doing, that is one that you want to make the effort to create great content, not the others. That is not for them.

*Photo Credit: SocialPeel.com*

*Photo Credit: SocialPeel.com*

Evaldas: Just, you would say to have just a different perspective or a mindset.

Ana: Yeah, it’s a different — again, it’s like — and sometimes the problem, and again, this mindset, we try to see things black and white. Oh, if somebody doesn’t like it, it’s because it’s not good or somebody that would say that it’s good, it’s because it’s good. No. What we do is — things are much more 3-dimensional than that. It’s not black and white. It’s much more than that, and always, it’s going to be people that are going to enjoy what you do and the people that don’t, and like my mentor and friend Michael Port always say, “We cannot please everybody. There are people that we are meant to serve and others, not so much,” so let’s focus on the ones that we are meant to serve.

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