Overcoming Failure: Turning Failures into Success

Overcoming Failure: Turning Failures into Success

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s a nice thing to have a mom that she’s an entrepreneur I could learn from.

Nicola: Yeah, the thing, I suppose, Evaldas, I’ve had successful times when they were little. Very successful. I got my first business to quarter of a million turnover with no overheads, pretty much, and the property market crashed, and the recession hit, and the credit crunch came all at the same time, and I lost everything, and I was forced into bankruptcy.

So, during their early teenage years up until now, I’ve been struggling to build everything back again. But, I’ve just recently started my business, Clicks and Leads, which has gone to a six-figure turnover in the first six months. So, they’ve watched me sitting at my dining room table in front of a computer with no idea what I was doing. Now, they’ve watched the money suddenly start to come in again, and they’ve suddenly started to show some interest.

Evaldas: People are really drawn to success. But, we forget that failure is actually the most important lessons we learn.

Nicola: Absolutely, and part of the reason for that, the success, has been the podcasts. I started the first one in about three years ago now. I came off the Internet Marketers Cruise, which I could only just scrape enough money to get it to go on, but I knew it was important, and I didn’t know what I was going to go. Well, I thought to myself, “Okay, well there’s 500 brilliant internet marketers on that cruise. Let’s see how many of them I could interview for a success podcast, and thinking that I could then turn it into a book, and perhaps, even a tuition, a coaching program.

*Photo Credit: Flickr.com*

*Photo Credit: Flickr.com*

So, I just got started working my way through the book that came with the cruise, and contacted everybody one by one and started interviewing them for the Business Success Factory Podcast. I did 150 of those interviews, really awesome content, but I got a little bit bored with the format and I was trying to do two a week, and then I took it down to one a week, and it was still difficult for constantly finding new guests.

So, just at that time, I said to my friend — my friend, Judith, kept saying, “I’d really like to be on the radio,” and I kept going, “I’d really like to be on the telly,” and she said, “Well, I’d really like to be on radio,” and I said, “Well, why don’t we do a podcast together then? It’s a bit like the radio but it doesn’t involve other people. We just get it going ourselves.” She said yes, so we started Own It!, and it really got a lot of more traction a lot quicker than the interview podcast had.

So, I’ve put that on hold at the moment and I only interview people when I come across really interesting people that I think would have something new to add. But Own It! is going through strength to strength. It’s in something like 97 countries. We get anything from 300 to 1,000 downloads per episode, and Judith and I have both attracted clients through it.

So, I’m very thrilled about that, and the best thing of all is it leverages content. So, we do — you’ve probably listened to one or two. It’s got a set format. Some people call us the two fat ladies of English podcasting. Not very complimentary, but quite true. Well, as a part of the format of the show is that we talk about a client challenge of the week, and then we also talk about our business word of the week, and I get that transcribed from audio, and then it goes onto the blog. So, every single day, something new goes onto my blog, but it’s all being created by the podcast in that one hour a week that Judith and I talk to each other.

Evaldas: I think the dynamic between you two really helps to drive a podcast where it is right now.

Nicola: Well, I thought about the ones that I like. I’m not a very audio-orientated person at all, but I do listen to podcasts late at night when I’m trying to get off sleep.

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