Overcoming Josh’s biggest pain points in starting his podcast

Overcoming Josh’s biggest pain points in starting his podcast

Evaldas: So, what would you say was the biggest pain point for you when you started out in your podcast?

Josh: You know, way back in 2005, recording was actually kind of the hard part. It was tricky to capture Skype audio or something like that, and I also had a great episode that I did with Leo Laporte from This Week in Tech and he was on the show. We recorded it and the machine — I was recording straight to mp3 on a Mac Mini, and that was the first time trying and recording straight to mp3, and the machine just couldn’t keep up encoding the mp3 as it was recording and so everything got garbled and it was essentially a junk episode and Leo didn’t have time to redo it, so that was kind of disappointing.

So, as technologies evolved and machines have gotten faster and that kind of stuff, it’s way less of a problem. I mean, now, I use zoom.us and we do video calls there, and it spits out the m4a file and the m4v files, so I get a movie and an audio file of each recording, which I then put up onto YouTube or I put up into the podcast feed. So, that stuff has definitely gotten much, much easier.

Evaldas: I heard good things about zoom.us. It can even have all the people join in the call at the same time.

Josh: Yeah. So, it’s like my problem that Google Hangouts is cool and you can automatically record those and stick them on your YouTube page, but the problem is you can’t customize it. I’ve spent some money to put together bumpers on the front and back for videos and same thing for audio. Hangouts on Air, it just automatically pushes it on your YouTube, and there’s no way to modify that without putting up a brand new video file on YouTube, so that kind of sucks. The other nice thing about Zoom is that it will go up to, I think, 24 or 25 people in the chat. So, you can have quite a large participating audience as well. I use that for teaching people. So, next week, I’m running a live class on mastering Meteor and I limit it to about 16, 17, 18 people, but I could go up to 24, so it’s kind of nice.

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