Personal development and its importance

Personal development and its importance

Ana: So, the self-development was always something that was very present for me. And even before, I remember that that was something that I can trace even to a very young age, that there was always have that quest for self-development. We can improve ourselves. The mindset is just another concept that helps us in this journey of personal development. If we consider that we have a mind that sees the world in a certain way, and one of the things that happens is that we set our mind in a certain way, but just recognize that. That doesn’t mean that this is the only way that can be. It’s just a possibility and the way that we are living in this moment. Just that opens our possibilities because, for me, it’s a lot about opening possibilities, of seeing things from different perspectives.

Evaldas: That’s very interesting. Yeah.

Ana: It will allow us to see, really, other ways that we can do things, that we can be, that we can behave. This is very important even in mental health. That is where I came from. We can say that health, mental health, in some ways like — if we mention a river, and you are swimming on the river and in one margin of the river you have chaos or there’s a confusion, nothing is the same, it’s totally chaos. So, that could be in the extreme stage, could be a psychosis. You don’t know the up from down, right from wrong, everything all the same or you live in a very — so there is not touch with reality and that can be very chaotic and confusing for the person living and for people surrounding them.

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In the other side, that extreme, you have rigidity. Everything has to be in a certain way and then you have the neurosis. Some of the neuroses can be characterized like that. But, even if we don’t give names, because naming is always problematic, but if we see one side as rigidity and one side as chaos, we know that somebody, too, have some kind of mental health. It has to be somewhere in between.

Sometimes more close to them or sometimes more close. If they see oscillation, that is healthy. Stagnation is always the problem in many things, including in our mental health. So, I think we really need to — because then, things that we can be doing something and can be so successful. Even in entrepreneurial world, we do, and wow, is everything goes great and then, suddenly, stopped working. Then people go, “What happened? I always did this. This worked well one year ago, why is it not working now?” Because things changed and if we don’t have the flexibility to change, to adapt, we are in trouble in many ways.

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