Podcast statistic that Marc would like to have

Podcast statistic that Marc would like to have

Evaldas: If you would have an option to have any kind of statistic, what would you like to have?

Marc: Love to have would be gender breakdown, which I know is not necessary, it’s not possible. But I think I’d find that really interesting if I could snap my fingers and have any statistic to see what presents male, which presents female. I’m guessing with my show that I’m slightly leaning female, not by match, it’s probably close to 50/50 split. But I think part of that is because there’s so many female coaches as well that direct, and I assume my show is directed to this coaches.

*Photo Credit: il3.picdn.net*

*Photo Credit: il3.picdn.net*

Evaldas: Yeah. I wouldn’t guess that, for it would be male.

Marc: Well, there’s a lot of female coaches. So when I look at my guests and everything else, it’s leaning slightly, I look at my clientele and my clienteles’ 60/40 female right now.

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