Podcasts that Jason listens to

Podcasts that Jason listens to

Evaldas: Is there a show list that is close to your heart and you listen yourself, like a podcast?

Jason: Like a specific show?

Evaldas: Yeah, I don’t know. Do you listen to podcasting, yourself?

Jason: I do. It’s interesting. I kind of go in waves where I will listen to podcasts a lot for a few months and then I’ll kind of shift to audio books, and then I might shift to listening to courses because I’ll sign up for a course. So, I’ve kind of been in an audiobook and a coarse phase the last few months, and before that, I was in a heavy podcast rotation and I was listening to a lot of stuff. You know, sometimes I’ll get binge watching on Netflix or something. I’ll get really hooked on a show and I’ll just devour as much of it as I possibly can, and because it’s just really connecting with me at the time.

*Photo Credit: Danielsetzermann.com*

*Photo Credit: Danielsetzermann.com*

But, the last, let’s say, about five months ago when I was last listening to podcasts, I was listening to as much stuff as I could in the top 100 on iTunes because I wanted — and this is a little bit of that curiosity thing. I wanted to push myself outside of my usual — you know, I didn’t want to just listen to the usual business podcasts that might be my friends and colleagues or about internet business and marketing. I wanted to listen to a variety, like comedy, and interview shows, and news shows, and storytelling shows. Part of that was just to kind of see, “Hey, what’s working? If these people are in the top 100, what are the commonalities I hear in the production, in the format, and the interview styles?” So, I was just kind of filling my head with, I guess, the latest, greatest best practices of podcasting.

So, at this moment right now, there’s no one specific show that comes to mind, but there’s so many awesome podcasts out there, and I think if you’re going to be a podcaster, it’s a really good idea to listen to, at the very least, the top podcasts in your own market just to see what’s working, what’s not working, what you can do differently. But, perhaps even more importantly, top podcasts outside of your market to see, maybe, what you could adopt or translate into your own market and benefit from.

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