Recharging batteries for long-term success

Recharging batteries for long-term success

Evaldas Miliauskas:  So small things put together give you a lot of smiles.  Do you have any day which you could say a normal one, and maybe you can share with the people tuning in, which envision how your life is running.

Beth:  Yeah well, as a solopreneur, I feel like I have a lot of flexibilities so almost no one day is the same as the next.  And I split my time between coaching individual clients and doing a little bit of networking as little as I can get away with – that’s my introversion coming through – and connecting with people, and working with my podcast, of course.  Doing speaking engagements and some writing, and spending time on social media.

So every day is different, but a typical day especially early in the week — I’m working with a few clients, I’m doing a little bit of work on the podcast, and I’m trying to—and ironically for an introvert—finding ways to be seen and heard, so that I can promote my message and my business.  And always bringing my dog with me.  That’s always the important part of my routine.

Evaldas:  So, what kind of dog do you have?  I’m just curious.

Beth:  Yeah.  She’s a Labrador-retriever mixed, we’re not sure what she’s mixed with because we adopted her when she was two.  And she’s just like the sweetest — she’s an introvert too.  She’s meek, she’s quiet, she’s like the perfect office dog and her name is Ginger.

Evaldas:  Ginger.  Wow, super nice name.

Beth:  Ginger. Yeah, we love her.  And she’s my first dog ever so I think that’s why I’m particularly in-love with her, because I’ve never had a dog before, and I feel like I’m making up for lost time, with her.

Evaldas:  So, just to say, you’re like an introvert but almost all your day’s engaging with other people.  How do you find that?

Beth:  Yeah, and I should say a typical day also usually includes a nap.  Yeah, I feel like it’s important.  One of the things I talked about is being able to take care of your energy throughout the day no matter what you’re doing, and I realized that not everyone, of course, can take a nap in the middle of their day.  But I think that there are different things that we can do to be taking care of ourselves, and that’s one way that I step back and am able to recharge.  It’s basically like shutting down your computer for a little while, so that when you reboot, it’s kind of refreshed, and that’s kinda what I feel like that does for me.  And so because I do that, I’m able to–like you said: my days are spent reaching out to other people and in order to have the energy to do that, I need to make sure that I’m taking care of myself by:  Being quiet, being by myself, having that true downtime even if it’s awake, but also taking a good power nap is a really important part of being able to reach out to other people.

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Evaldas:  Yeah, I find it that an hour of sleep can help quiet and recharge all your energies.

Beth:  Yes.  I think even when you’re sitting down in front of your computer, you might not be talking to anyone but you’re interacting with people, and sometimes we don’t realize how energy-draining that is, until we turn it off, and then it’s like, “Oh, it’s quiet.  It was so noisy.”

Evaldas:  Especially these days, when you have so many attention-grabbers and distractions. . .

Beth:  Exactly.  Yes.

Evaldas:  . . . Getting bigger and bigger.  So, Beth, is it ramen or miso soup for you today?

Beth:  Say that again.  Oh, ramen or miso?  Ramen!

Evaldas:  Ramen!  Why is that?

Beth:  Oh, I like noodles.

Evaldas:  Especially if it has an egg inside.

Beth:  Exactly.  Exactly.  I tend to like my food to have – my broths, my ice cream, my stuff – to have like stuff in it.  So, ramen sounds really good.

Evaldas:  Getting hungry here.

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