Reliving It with Jason Van Orden

Reliving It with Jason Van Orden

Jason is one of the pioneers of business podcasting being a co-host of IBM – not the tech company, but internet business mastery which started back in the days when your mom still didn’t know what podcast means. He also coaches entrepreneurs for over 10 years and has his own 7-figure income stream from online businesses.

He has worked with entrepreneurs, content creators and thought leaders to help them build an online presence. Jason is very passionate when it comes to helping the community to boost creativity, making ideas happen, amplifying one’s message and maximizing impact.

From this episode, you can learn:

  • What self-compassion really means and newest research around it
  • How Jason would use a time machine to improve his podcast
  • A story of early early years of podcasts when it wasn’t even called like that!

Of course the intro wouldn’t be full without couple of thoughts from Jason’s own podcast. ‘Show, not tell or in other words, be the example you want other people to be or achieve. The best stories are those that can connect to people.’

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Transcription in Podlog

Jason’s strategic approach to learning and teaching
How Jason Stays motivated in challenging times
Building relationships through podcast
Jason’s patterns in life and how it motivates him
The power of a curious mind
From curiosity to discovery of a podcast career
Getting started with podcasting and turning it into a successful, healthy business
Career lessons to Jason’s younger self
Experiences that makes Jason smile
Podcasts that Jason listens to
What it takes to listen to podcasts
How curiosity can lead to success
Tips and tricks on techspot analytics/metrics for podcast
Why you need analytics for podcasting
How Jason values transcriptions
Delegating better and getting tasks done effectively
Jason’s podcasting tips on how to launch a successful podcast


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