Running the #merrybiz show and dealing with challenges

Running the #merrybiz show and dealing with challenges

Evaldas: Yeah, I like it. And what would you say was your like biggest pain point or a challenge you faced when you started off with the podcast.

Carla & Emma: Oh, yeah. We have a funny story actually. So everything was going really well. We had all of these interviews locked in and we were so excited to start interviewing on this one day. It was our first day of interviews. We had five interviews lined up. We had all of like — we had eRecorder downloaded, we had our microphone, we had our headphones, we had a little studio set up here. It was all happening. And then we recorded our first interview, then we listened back to it, and we sounded like chipmunks. It was in this like fast-paced way. I mean, we talk fast anyway, but can you imagine us talking 10 times what we’re talking now. So it was like crazy and we had no idea why this would happen. So we were freaking out because, in an hour, we had another interview. We were like, “Well, this can’t happen again.” And it was with like – I think it was with Chris Ducker so we were like, “We can’t stuff Chris around. We’ve got to get this sorted out.” It turns out all we needed to do was update our software, our Skypeware as well as our eRecorder software and then it was fine. But, yeah, it was a bit of a big disaster. So I think the lesson in that is always update your software.


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Evaldas: Nice. Yeah, that’s a good lesson.

Carla & Emma: Yeah.

Evaldas: It can be as simple as that.

Carla & Emma: I know! Yeah, you would think it. You wouldn’t think we would do that. I was like getting on the support, pulling everyone on the phone, “What’s happening?” Nobody knew it was just a simple update.

Carla & Emma: So funny.

Evaldas: One good thing I probably would want to check.

Carla & Emma: Yeah, definitely.

Evaldas: How do you feel, then, do you try to listen to yourself after you do a recording and how do you feel about it?

Carla: I do – at the moment – I’m doing all of the editing so I’m Carla as well. So I get to listen back to us and see how we, I guess, sounds like and what conversation is happening. I just mumbled then so you can imagine what

Carla & Emma: There’s a lot of edits. There’s a lot of edits of “um’s” and “uh”.

Carla & Emma: Yeah, but listening back, I get really excited because I think I miss a bit of what our guests say because I’m always kind of thinking, “Okay, what can we ask next to keep the conversation rolling?” So when I listen back to the podcast, I’m like, “Ah, I don’t even remember them saying that.” So I love listening back to it that initial time.

Carla & Emma: And I think it’s also really good to listen back to your own podcast so you know what you can work on. So, for me, who’s Emma by the way, I sometimes struggle at putting words together even and my sentences become like sort of disconnected. So it’s something that I need to work on and practice. And I think that’s really important that you know to take that step forward instead of just doing the same thing over and over and over. Because we can all improve on everything we can do. Even the best podcaster in the world can improve on something. So I think it’s always important to evaluate your own work and even get like friends or colleagues because they might have a different tip.

Carla & Emma: Yeah, it’s definite — and, yeah, I think just being kind of not judging yourself too much and being like, “Oh, I sound horrible. I sound bad.” Like looking at it in a positive way and what can I learn from this? What can I make better next time? That’s kind of the reason why we listen back to our podcast. And also we like to quality check it as well in case — you know, I’ve accidentally edited the sentence wrong and things like that. I think that’s really important to make sure the podcast is flowing and there’s no crackles or different sounds happening. So, yeah, we like to make sure the sound is spot on.

Evaldas: Always do your quality checks. What I actually interviewed recently in Jon Nastor, who did over 200 episodes, and what he said is, “At the beginning, don’t be afraid to suck and I was really bad at the beginning. But after you do 200 episodes, you’ll get better.”

Carla & Emma: Yeah, it’s so true. Practice makes perfect and I think you always look back at the work you do, you know. We look back at our first blog post that we ever wrote and we think, “Oh, my gosh,” like our writing was terrible then. But, at the time, we were like, “Oh, this is so fun and we’re really proud of it,” and I think it just shows your growth and I think it shows that you’re a real person and that you do — people grow and people stuff off and people make mistakes and that’s totally fine. It’s all part of the journey. And I think our biggest message to everybody is to enjoy the process. As long as you’re having fun doing what you’re doing, keep doing it.

Evaldas: That’s really what I think also. If you can’t enjoy it, you won’t be motivated to do it or I mean, very long. But if you do, every day is a joy to get up.

Carla & Emma: Exactly.

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