Solving Your Clients’ Puzzles with Ash Harris

Solving Your Clients’ Puzzles with Ash Harris

Ash Harris is the owner of AKEA Web Solutions. He has been providing web consulting services since 2004. Akea Web Solutions offers web design and marketing solutions and he is focused on solving problems for people. He loves meeting new people and working with people to understand them, their business, their needs, and then helping them identify web-based solutions to solve their problems.

Ash also co-hosts the show called 2nd Brain Collective, which guides the listeners in a vast business and marketing waters of this digital age. One of the few insights that I have picked up from Ash’s podcast show is that apart of asking the right questions, you need to be a good listener to understand clients. Not only that but Ash also points out that putting your client in control of the result that your service provides can differentiate you from other competitors.

In this episode, you will find out on:

  • Creating your co-host dream team
  • Scavenging for your guests
  • Escaping from a collapsing tower in Tokyo

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