Standing Out In The Field with Fabienne Raphael

Standing Out In The Field with Fabienne Raphael

Fabienne Raphael is the co-founder of Marketing To Crush Your Competitors, where she interviews successful business people and gets the great insight of how they are bringing their success to life. She is a Marketing Strategist, Podcast Host, Bestselling Author and a Serial Entrepreneur. She helps solopreneurs (small business owners, consultants, coaches, speakers, home stagers and podcasters) to stay focused and get more clients, but also to step up and build credibility and authority in their market.

Some fun facts about Fabienne? When Fabienne was in college, she was selected to represent Canada as a member of the national handball team on the world stage. In fact, she was on a great track to be a physical therapist and had a truly promising career. However, life took a turn and she found herself living in the world of entrepreneurs, where she has made a stand for herself. She loves competing and hates to lose!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Building a trust with your audience
  • Picking the right podcast topic for yourself and enjoying it
  • Marketing kitten dolls in Tokyo expo

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