Success to be made with podcasting

Success to be made with podcasting

Evaldas:  Alright, so my last question would be – What would you suggest for the new ones starting on podcast, what part should they pay attention to, to make sure that their podcast would succeed?

Beth:  There are three things – I mean there are lots of things, but what came to my mind is that there are three things.  And one goes to this more technical questions, it’s:  Invest in a decent sound setup, invest in a decent microphone, headphones like I use, it’s a blue Yeti microphone.  I don’t think there’s any substitute – – it’s all about the audio, right.  And if you don’t have good sound, you’re going to lose people.  So you can’t sound like you’re broadcasting from your car or a tunnel, or a cave.  Take care to make sure that the sound is good, otherwise you will lose people no matter what how good your content is.

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Then secondly, and this goes to both the sound and to your content and how you’re showing up is to be consistent.  Don’t publish one episode and then have five weeks go by, and publish two and then wait two weeks, and then publish one.  So decide what kind of schedule you can have consistently, so that people know when to expect what you have to offer, and that way you’ll build more of a following.  And then be consistent with the quality, if you start out using a blue Yeti mic, keep using that blue Yeti mic.  Don’t do one where you’re just talking into your laptop or using a cheap microphone, try to be as consistent with that sound as possible.  And then be consistent with the quality of the content, take a lot of care with who you’re talking to, what you’re talking about, be consistent with what you promised people that the podcast is about.  So if I talk about introverts and entrepreneurship, I don’t wanna start talking about where you should go for your summer vacation – and that sounds kind of obvious – but sometimes it’s tempting, you kinda wanna go a little bit off-topic.  But keep it consistent, and keep your listener in mind first.  It’s about what your listeners want as much or more as it is about what YOU want to share, and what you want to talk about.

And then the third and final thing is – and we’ve kind of alluded to this before – is to be yourself.  Don’t try to imitate another podcaster, another speaker, your best friend, a colleague you admire.  Just be yourself and trust that your authentic voice is what will draw people to you and then keep them with you.

Evaldas:  Plenty of advice if anyone would start out.  Easily, be yourself and the success will follow.  I mean that’s what I think.

Beth:  Yeah, thank you.

Evaldas:  So, thank you very much for your time.  It was pleasant for me to talk and to learn from you.  I would say actually that I, myself is an introvert.

Beth:  Oh, are you?

Evaldas:  Yeah!

Beth:  Podcasting is great for introverts because so much of it happen without necessarily having direct interaction, and you get to have the conversation and then you’re done.  And then you share it and it lives forever, but you only have to have it once.  So, energy-efficient.

Evaldas:  Yeah!  Very digital I mean, what I see about podcast talking is more like one-on-one and then in terms of talking to the audience, it’s a totally different thing.

Beth:  Exactly! Yup, you got it.

Evaldas:  So thank you for your time and that’s it for the show.

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