Tapping into Josh’s growing podcast audience

Tapping into Josh’s growing podcast audience

Evaldas: And a conference you did quite recently. It was also part of a podcast in the site you have. I think that sort of relates to —

Josh: Yeah, and some of that is, I think, if you look as well — I think the other interesting part, and I didn’t mention this earlier, we talked about interview style and you get to network with people and meet them. But, the other thing that you get to do that’s interesting is you get to tap into a little bit of their audience as well. So, that’s kind of an intangible benefit that’s hard to measure as well. But, if you post this episode and I tweet it out, chances are anyone that’s interested in podcasting in my network of people or my fans will start following your podcast. So, that’s another kind of intangible benefit that’s not always easily tracked.

*Photo Credit: Homebusinessmag.com*

*Photo Credit: Homebusinessmag.com*

Evaldas: Unless you use something like Google Analytics or something?

Josh: I mean, you’re just going to see that that came from Twitter, right? You’re not going to see that that came from my tweet, necessarily.

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