Techspot for Help My Business on podcast analytics, metrics and transcribing your podcast

Techspot for Help My Business on podcast analytics, metrics and transcribing your podcast

Evaldas: Okay, I would like also give you a little bit of more tech type of questions. So do you use any kind of analytics for your show?

Andrew: Nothing complicated. I do track the number of viewers, the demographics of the viewers, the make up, male versus female, the countries where the viewers come from, age range, and I’m also monitoring how many people opt in, how many people click various things on the website at So those are the main things that I want to try. I don’t do as much advanced analytics as some people do but I do monitor what I would consider to be essential ones.

Evaldas: And do you use Google Analytics for that or…?

Andrew: I do use Google Analytics, yeah.

Evaldas: But do you like — you don’t monitor how long your show was viewed or play time?

Andrew: Yeah, I do those.

Evaldas: Alright, for YouTube, right?

Andrew: Actually, the show is on YouTube but YouTube isn’t a minor platform. Actually, I use a tool called EasyVideoSuite which works withAmazon S3 storage. That’s the main distribution which goes to iTunes.

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Evaldas: Alright, that is interesting. And another question would be what about transcripts? Do you have any experience of transcribing and do you think it’s worth it?

Andrew: Yeah, I don’t do transcriptions. The audience has never asked for that. But I do have show notes where I summarize the shows. So that seems to work well.

Evaldas: Yeah, you’re doing pretty good. I’m almost running out of questions. So maybe one last thing I’m really interested. What do you think is like the one most important thing that any person who was starting out a new show or podcast or, like yours, a video type of show, what thing he should consider first for building his audience and just making the show successful.

Andrew: I think, really, it’s the things that we talked about before. First of all, choosing a topic that you genuinely are passionate about and then, secondly, being willing to be persistent because I think a lot of people give up too soon. I’ve definitely seen that as a problem. So, yeah, those two things, I think, are the most important for someone starting out a new show.

Evaldas: That will be it.

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