Techspot for podcast analytics and transcriptions by Ana

Techspot for podcast analytics and transcriptions by Ana

Evaldas: I’m just interested in your opinion as well. Do you use any analytics for your podcast?

Ana: I have the podcast housed in Libsyn, and in my account that I have, I can see the analytics of it.

Evaldas: Is it downloads or something —

Ana: Most of it would be downloads. It’s also fun even if you have small number of downloads. It’s amazing to see the reach that you have, the number of countries that you have people, listeners that you have in countries that they’re sometimes, “Oh my gosh. Oh, the people in Australia are listening to me. People in Africa are listening to me.” That, for me, is something that is, “Wow!” and that happens even if you have a small audience. You will have people all over the world tuning in. That is absolutely fantastic.

Evaldas: It’s almost you’re like traveling in your mind.

Ana: Oh, yes. And incredible how most of us do the podcast from our offices or homes and the reach that we can have, internationally, is mind-boggling. It’s crazy. I love it.

Evaldas: That’s a wonderful about this medium. Do you use any transcripts or do you see any kind of value in them?

Ana: The transcripts I — the way that I work for my podcast — and I see values, and I love some shows that have transcripts. I love them because it allows me to, very easily, to scan the content and, even after listening, if I know that they have a transcript I know that I can go there and mainly, when they have some kind of timestamps, that is great because then I know where to go. When they are well-organized, I can, “Oh, this is the bit that I really want to take some notes out.” So it’s really, really great about that.

For me, the way that I usually do my podcast is, because I have a very specific topic, sometimes I do interview in this case now, but when it’s a show just myself, I think about the specific topic, I write it down. Then, sometimes, I even work it with somebody else with the editor just to — and this person that I really trust. She will help me to see my blind spots, things that are not very clear in my thought process there, and then I improve from that.

So, I start with the written text, and then I do the recording, and then I can go off-script in the recording but I have the structure there. I know what is the main point because I try to do short episodes and there is a main point. So, I want to create an experience that helps people to focus on something or to see the different possibilities around the specific topic. So, in that sense, it’s very script and it’s that initial text that I would usually use as my show notes.

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Evaldas: And the beauty of it that you can even change it even after you have recorded already.

Ana: Exactly. So, in that sense, I don’t use transcripts because of the way that I do the show. I start to think out loud, because I’m not a writer. I’m more of a speaker, but then I put it on the paper to be able to analyze and to be more concrete and focused, and then I do the recording and then I use that to do the notes as the initial script that I create.

Evaldas: It’s interesting. Every host approaches podcasting in their own personal way, as I see it.

Ana: Totally.

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