Techspot for podcast analytics by Colin

Techspot for podcast analytics by Colin

Evaldas: I have one more section that I always ask my guest and I’m interested in your take on it called Techspot. So I ask some technical questions.

Colin: Okay sure.

Evaldas: So one, would be question, what kind of analytics are you using for your show?

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Colin: We use stats that are built into our media hosting for the podcast itself. So we host with Blubrry for most of our shows, and Blubrry integrate professional stats. It shows us downloads per episode per day, per month, demographics, location, all that good stuff. We also have shows with Libsyn as well and they do pretty much exactly the same and there’s not much to tell between the stats. They’re both good as each other but they’re vary in detail. So yeah, they’re very useful, but we also tie in Google Analytics as well. We track special pretty links back to certain articles to show notes so we can see which show notes, which episodes are most popular in terms of users coming back to the website. Then we try to track what our listeners do once they end up on the website. So we obviously have aims that we want to achieve. We want to get our listeners on to our mailing list so we can communicate with them more, build up more trust. We want to get them into the shopping cart, we want to sell our services and our products. So we want to track whether they’re into that too so we do a fair amount of tracking in the website in terms of our conversation funnel. So really it’s the podcasting stats posts, Google Analytics together, that we have to measure.

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