Techspot for podcast analytics by Marc

Techspot for podcast analytics by Marc

Evaldas: That’s a great answer. I wouldn’t have think about it now. So I have this kind of section that I always ask my guests, I call it TechSpot, and I have some technical questions I’d like to know here in my podcast. So do you use any kind of analytics for your show?

Marc: I use a lot of the ones just in Libsyn, which I use for my host, so I use a lot of the ones in the Libsyn back dashboard to keep tabs on what’s going on.

Evaldas: Is it downloads or something different?

Marc: Yes. This probably sounds funny, but one thing I always find interesting is which countries are in the rankings for my listenership, so I’m always curious. From my podcast, the United States is number one, Canada is number two last time I checked, and that’s probably because I’m Canadian, and then number three is the UK, number four is Australia, and then number five is actually the UAE, because I’ve had some clients in Dubai and I know quite a few coaches over there. So I have to check and see where your at at the part of the world, where you guys are, but I always find it interesting just to see because I’m just seeing some countries in there. I didn’t even know where that country is. I didn’t ring a bell at all, and you see that you’re getting a couple of downloads from wherever Timbuktu, somewhere, and I find that interesting.

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Evaldas: Someone is listening somewhere at one point.

Marc: Yeah, it’s like, there could be an island with like 200 people or something, and someone’s listening to this way over across the world, listening to a podcast. So I find that really fascinating.

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