Techspot for podcast metrics/analytics and valuing transcriptions

Techspot for podcast metrics/analytics and valuing transcriptions

Evaldas: I’m interested in. And also probably interested to our listeners. And we just need to understand, do you have or use any kind of podcast analytics?

Carla & Emma: Using Libsyn to upload our podcasts to the blog which is then linked to the RSS feed to iTunes. So we’re getting our analytics directly through that. So that’s handy because I don’t really need to do anything. But I’m sure that there’s more that I can do and I’m going to learn about that. But right now I’m doing the minimum at the moment because I have — I’m just learning so I’m sure I will know more soon.

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Evaldas: Okay, just doing stuff and see what works.

Carla & Emma: Yeah, exactly. And I think, at the moment, it’s like concentrating on what we need to do. So that’s like making sure we have those amazing interviews recorded, getting them edited, getting them up there because we did launch in a really fast period. And our goal was to get it newer, noteworthy, and get really high in those lists on iTunes and we did that. We achieved that. So that was the first step and now we’re going to get into the how do we keep it up there? How do we grow our audience? So that’s like the next step, which we’re really excited about.

Evaldas: Did you consider or actually thought about using transcripts for your podcasts? What do you think about it?

Carla & Emma: Yeah, I think we – because what we did beforehand before we launched our podcast, we kind of looked at other people’s podcasts and be like, “Okay, what are these people doing?” like their kind of best practice. What are they doing? Maybe we should do it like that or maybe we should do it like this and then we kind of thought, “Well, what do we like?” because we are actually kind of like our audience. We’re very similar to our audience members and we kind of decided, “Well, I wouldn’t sit and read a transcript, would you?” and Emma was like, “No, I wouldn’t sit and read a transcript.” So we decided not to do transcripts. We decided to do our show notes and make them really simple. So we’ve got an introduction and then we go into some of the questions that we asked in the podcasts, then we go into some “a-ha” moments within the podcast. They’re kind of like moments of clarity or moments where it was kind of like, “Oh my gosh, that was the best quote and we’ve got to put that on the show notes.” Then we go to extra links that we would have spoken about within the show like their website, their social media channels. Maybe they mentioned a certain book so we’ll put that in the show notes. And then we ask our audience to comment on our blog posts like if they had an “a-ha” moment or if they had a moment of clarity. So, yeah, that’s kind of a system of show notes that we’re working with at the moment. But we’re definitely open to changing them up to see if something else might work better. But, at the moment, I think it’s working really well.

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s nice. What one thing that I would say and what I heard from wherever, I guess, might be transcribing might be useful is just because of Google. So if you’re adding more content, it’s likely that Google might pick up because audio is still not indexed. But it’s more like a technical thing than actually —

Carla & Emma: Yeah.

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