Techspot with Nicola on podcast analytics

Techspot with Nicola on podcast analytics

Evaldas: Oh, definitely. I also ask some textbook questions, as we call them. I’d like to ask you as well. Do you use any kind of analytics for your podcast?

Nicola: I have my podcast hosted on Libsyn. So, Libsyn gives you analytics, and you can look at your little chart and see whether you’re growing or shrinking in popularity, and how many countries you’re in and all that business.

Evaldas: Basically, with downloads?

Nicola: Yes, downloads. Yes.

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Evaldas: Would you want to have any kind of analytics if it would be possible? I mean, you’re doing all the marketing. What would be your imaginative analytics you would like to have?

Nicola: One of the main thing is I’d love to know how many people actually listened. Because I know how many people download it. I know how many of those are on iTunes and other platforms, but I’d love to know how many people actually listened. We know people do because we have a Facebook group that anyone who listens to the podcast can come and join for free, and people discuss our podcast in that. So, we know that there is a hard core of at least 20 people listening to it. So, that would be the thing I would most like to know. Also, perhaps, which are the most popular sections. So, do people skip through and listen to certain sections? That would be awesome. But, just knowing how many people actually listen each week would be awesome.

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