The benefits of podcasting from Josh’s perspective

The benefits of podcasting from Josh’s perspective

Evaldas: What do you get out of podcasting for yourself?

Josh: I guess there’s two parts, right? It depends on the type of podcast you’re doing. Number one, you start to build an audience, which I think, is important for anything that you’re going to do in business. I look back I built an app, like a Twitter app, using Rails a couple years ago, and I never really took off. We never really got more than a couple users using it. I don’t know, I think part of that may have just been I wasn’t moving in social marketing circles, and therefore maybe I missed the mark on what we were building. Maybe we weren’t getting in front of people and connecting in the right way, and I think that having a pre-built audience kind of negates that problem to some degree.

If I were to open that same map up today, I guarantee you having an audience of 4,000 listeners or whatever it is, and having 4,000 people on a mailing list and all those kinds of things, I would probably get people that would be interested in just trying that application. So, I think that that is hugely valuable and something that I’ve learned over time. It’s good to keep that around.

I think back to Web 2.0 show and we had an instance where Kevin Rose mentioned us on This Week in Tech as one of the podcasts he listened to, and all of a sudden we went from having 500 listeners to having like 5,000 listeners overnight. That was really cool and I kind of wished I still had that audience around too. So, that’s one benefit.

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The other benefit, for me, is just once if you’re going to do an interview-style podcast like we’re doing here, I think that it’s a great way to network with people and get introduced with people, people that may not normally — like you may not normally be able to ever meet because the distance doesn’t make sense or whatever. With podcasting opens that door, and I feel like I have connections with people. I mean, I haven’t talked to Kevin in years, but Kevin Rose mentioned us and then 40 episodes later, he came on the show. I don’t think, during the normal course of my life, I would have ever probably encountered Kevin Rose in any other way, so it’s kind of cool.

Evaldas: It opens all the doors, and I think you mentioned, building audience, by thinking from a business point of view, it might be more important than anything else, as you said. Even we, as developers, are more biased towards building a product and thinking that people will come.

Josh: Which definitely happens.

Evaldas: Very rarely happen, though. It’s mostly like opposite. If you don’t have a product and if you build the audience, then you can start thinking of what you actually can offer. I think it’s a pretty good lesson. You learn it the hard way.

Josh: Yeah, a couple grand easily down the tubes. Bunch of waste of time.

Evaldas: When you have some lessons learned that you spend a lot of time and pain, you don’t forget to mold the life.

Josh: Very true, very true.

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