The best part in Marc’s podcasting career

The best part in Marc’s podcasting career

Marc: Well, that’s the best part of the podcasts because my coaching clientele, I have one client locally and she came to me through the podcast, so it was almost by accident, but I’m not doing any local advertising so I don’t do advertising and some bus benches, I don’t buy tables at conventions here locally, I’m not doing anything local. All my clients are 99% from away. Like I said, I have one client from here, and that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t have the power to that podcast. The podcast is getting me into all of these different countries. I mean look at you and I chatting here. You’re in Malta, I’ve never been to Malta, I probably can’t even point it out on the map. Podcast has connected us right?

Evaldas: Yeah. Connects our world in it, in a way.

Marc: Yeah, it does.

Evaldas: So magical in that sense. I think it’s growing a lot. Yeah sure, it’s most popular in the United States but as I’ve heard, Google is starting to push it on their own platforms. So if we are sailing up one of the ship, we’ll have some future here and it should grow more.

Marc: Exactly. I agree.

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