The biggest challenge in Marc’s podcasting journey

The biggest challenge in Marc’s podcasting journey

Evaldas: What would you say was the biggest challenge when you started out?

Marc: The biggest challenge for me was, I’m not a fan of editing, I’ll be honest. I added in my own show from my first 200 episodes, and then I have a twin brother named Matt, and Matt launched the business last summer that handles podcast editing, and he handles uploading and tagging, show notes, and everything. His business is called PodAssist. So I’ll give a shout out for him, it’s So that was the biggest challenge for me.

I was very happy last summer when I could hand my show over to my brother and say “Here you go. Have fun.” I’d rather have a root canal than edit podcasts, but I did it because I had to do it at the time, but yeah, it wasn’t a lot of fun. So I’d say that the biggest challenge was having to edit those shows and from working with coaches who launch podcasts, that seems to be their biggest challenge as well is trying to do all of that editing and stuff.

The other things I found very easy, like lining up guests. I didn’t have any trouble there with lining up guests, the promotional stuff, the marketing – no issues. Probably just, it wasn’t that the editing was hard, it was just so time consuming. It was a real slug to go through it.

Evaldas: Yeah, definitely. I try to use myself — you’re right about that. I couldn’t be more, because I couldn’t keep up to be consistent.

Marc: The thing for me is I really — my son who says I have a lame sense of humor, bad sense of humor. So I say jokes and stuff during my interviews, which I think are funny but they’re probably not. So then if I have to listen to my show again and I have to listen to my stupid jokes, and that’s equally painful because I got to listen to them a second time if I may, I didn’t. So I like to just record it then I send it off, now, that my brother handles it. He can listen to my stupid jokes.

Evaldas: Yeah. Probably the reason is that that’s the only one easy, I did it instead of waiting for publishing.

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