The biggest challenge of podcasting for Colin Gray

The biggest challenge of podcasting for Colin Gray

Evaldas: Yeah, let’s move on. I’m interested to actually in — when you started your podcast, what do you think is the biggest challenge you faced?

Colin: There’s a few different challenges. One of them for me, and I think a lot of people who get into podcasting suffer from the same things is a tendency to overcomplicate things. Because I’m a bit of a geek out of my equipment, and part of the reason I love podcasting in the early days was the chances, I suppose, it gave me to play around with shiny new equipment, so I could go out there and buy new microphones, I could test that mixers, recorders, all of that kind of stuff, and I overcomplicate that all. Because of that,I just bought quite expensive equipment, quite complicated equipment, and this was before I really knew how to use it. So I was trying to get a podcast on a regular basis, trying to that every single week, but I found that because I had kind of jumped into deep with the equipment. Just everytime I try to record something, something would break. So the mixer would be in the wrong setting or a button that shouldn’t have been push was pushed, and so it wasn’t performing the right way, or the recorder, I didn’t have the cable in the right place. There was just so many variables and I was trying to learn it all at once that I didn’t manage to get my podcasts on a regular basis in those early days because of that complication, because of the fact that I jumped in too deep.

So the way that I tend to work with people these days, as we always start out very very simple. I always encourage people to buy very simple equipment to start out and try to learn to podcast in simple ways as possible. So that means really just buying something like a USB microphone, just go on at times on buying yourself a headset for about 30 quid, something that’s plugs directly into a computer, and it just means that there’s no absolutely no barriers to recording whatsoever. You going to be able to get things out on a regular basis because all you need to do is fire up your recorder, something like Audacity, plug in the headset mic and just hit the record button. Nothing can go wrong really, and I think that is what makes or good growth of the star, because it means that you can get your podcast out regularly every single week because all you’re worrying about is a recording, all you’re worrying about is the content, and that helps you to get really a lot better at the presentation skills as well, at planning your content. That’s the  important part, it’s not the equipment, it’s not how good your mic is, your mixer is. It’s about the content you can plan, it’s about structuring those episodes, so that they actually are interesting and engaging to the listener, and you present it in an engaging way as well.

So my advice for people, always at the start, is to avoid what I do. Keep things very simple, and as result, you’ll record regularly, consistently, and get a lot better at it as a result.

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