The biz side of #merrybiz

The biz side of #merrybiz

Evaldas: Okay, and one last bit I am interested and you might be also — you think it’s possible to earn a living doing just podcasting? What would you think would be like that?

Carla & Emma: Well, I guess the most obvious way is to gain podcast sponsorship. I mean, we do a lot of collaborations with brands on our written blog post. So it’s a very natural way to monetize our podcast. The one important thing is to choose a brand – to choose a product or a service – that’s really authentic to you. You know, you actually have to believe in it, use it, like love it almost. Because I think it shines through, especially in your voice.

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Carla & Emma: And I think it’s important to think about, if you are taking on podcast sponsorship, to always remember the listener’s journey. The listener is the most important person here. Like, yes, you’re making money from your podcast; that’s awesome. But don’t spend five minutes talking about a product or an advertisement because they’re just going to tune out and they’re not going to be as connected to your podcast and we’ve actually dealt — like we’ve been in that situation where we’re listening to a podcast and then it goes into an ad halfway through and we hate that. So we’re just like, “Well, we’re not going to do that. We’re definitely just going to stick to pre-roll and post-roll advertising when that does come into our podcast and really make that kind of aligning them to previous collaborations that we’re doing on the blog or on our social media. So it’s not just like random like our listeners have probably seen us promote this before and things like that. And then, I guess, podcasting can always lead — it’s content marketing, really. So you could be promoting a product you’ve made on your podcast, like for instance,#merrybiz for us, our idea in the future is that maybe we might actually have a product or a service that links to this podcast – that links to more of a business or a passion or a bliss side of things. So that’s kind of in the back of our minds. It’s not the front of our minds but it’s definitely something we’d like to look into. And so a podcast is a great way to content market that.

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s good. I mean, what I learned is, as I may have mentioned, sponsorship is one of the ways but also quite the proper one is doing coaching or just teaching people business or just anything like even podcasting, in general.

Carla & Emma: Totally. I think whenever you are doing something, especially in the online entrepreneurial world, other people are interested and you’ll gain their attention. And if that’s something you enjoy – like if coaching and helping people is something you enjoy – we like all for it, like go for it. And, in the future, we definitely want to do that and it will be more like not one-on-one coaching but maybe like gather a community or a mastermind and we’re really excited for that idea.

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