The challenges in Josh’s podcast industry

The challenges in Josh’s podcast industry

Evaldas: So, switching gears a little bit, is it hard for a dev to start his own podcast?

Josh: I don’t think so. It was probably harder back in 2005 than it is now. Looking at my process now is a lot easier, a lot more automation. But, no. I think, if anything, having a dev background maybe makes it easier. I think the hard thing for a developer who wants to be a podcaster is you have to have a flare for being interesting, I guess, and maybe that’s the hard part for some developers because you have to really be okay sharing parts of your personality you may not normally share. So, that might be a little more difficult. But, from a technical side, I think that shouldn’t be too hard. Most of us understand how the internet works and we probably get it a lot more than, say, someone else who’s just randomly starting a podcast.

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Evaldas: Yeah, I think of the technical side is the easiest. Just sort of the external, how you say, extroverted side, because most of the old person more like inside people, at least which ones that I know.

Josh: Yeah.

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