The power of a curious mind

The power of a curious mind

Evaldas: Sounds pretty exciting. How will you deal with that kind of curiosity? I mean, there’s so many things we can learn these days. Do you target something specific or do you have any notes?

Jason: Right. It is important, I think, to be deliberate about it. So, there’s a few different things. I mean, I do make sure — okay, so that curiosity manifests or I leverage it in some different ways.

One thing I do is I do allow myself a little bit of time or at least a limited block of time every week to just let my brain read whatever I want, go wherever I want on the internet, click whatever links I want, pick up whatever magazine just because it looks interesting to me in that moment. Often, that might be like on a Sunday evening or something like that, and that’s just a block of time that I give myself to just — you know, there’s no set goal or objective for that learning time. The truth is something that I consume in that moment may come back around and connect with something months, or even years down the road and turn out to be some kind of a unique idea. So, that’s one thing that I do with curiosity.

Another thing is just when it comes to making decisions about — here, I’ll give you a specific example. So, for the last year, I was starting a new business, a new brand, and you mentioned that you know me through my podcast, Internet Business Master. It has been my primary business now for many, many years. Last year, we hired a woman to be a CEO for that business, and that freed up a lot of my time.

So, I had the ability to follow my curiosity and find kind of another brand or business that I wanted to build up, and as I started doing that, I knew I needed to launch a new platform, a new way to attract and interact with my ideal audience that I wanted to reach with my new business. So, of course, I could have started a podcast, which would have been natural and normal, since I’ve done that so much in my life. I could have started blogging, I could have used Twitter, for instance, a lot of the usual routes. I started to email newsletter.

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But, in that moment, I asked myself, what am I really curious to try out here and see if it works? What’s something that just would be fun for me on a daily basis to experiment with it, and learn some new things, and try some new things, and hopefully get that feedback and attract a bit of an audience, but at the same time, allow my curiosity to be fulfilled, and the answer for me, at that time, I decided was to start a Facebook group, which I’d never started a free Facebook group before for the purpose of building an audience, but I decided that that’s what I would do, simply because that’s where my curiosity led me. So, it met a very strategic objective, at the same time as allowing my curiosity that freedom to be fed as well. So, there’s another example of how I leveraged curiosity.

I think it’s important, as often as possible, if that is something that’s important to you to just kind of think about, “How can I meet these needs that I have in business, or personal life, or whatever at the same time as accomplishing the specific goals and objectives that I have for myself?”

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