The Top 5 Podcasts That Jason Listens to, and an App He Uses To Listen To Them

The Top 5 Podcasts That Jason Listens to, and an App He Uses To Listen To Them

Evaldas: That’s what I’m interested in. It’s running through quite fast, and I’m interested, you mentioned that you’re listening to a lot of podcasts yourself. What kind of podcast, five top, that you could mention that you’re really enjoying?

Jason: Oh, the top five podcasts I’m listening to? Let me open up Overcast and I will tell you exactly what I’m listening to, because Overcast is my go-to podcast app, and I’m going to tell you why it’s my go-to podcast app as soon as I can open up the stats. If you’re not using Overcast, I would recommend you do it because they have this feature called Smart Speed, which I always listen to at 1.5 to every show. I don’t listen to anything at normal speed because I got a lot of stuff to do. Smart Speed has saved you an extra 109 hours beyond the speed adjustments for me. So, 109 hours is a long time that it saved me.

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So, obviously I listened to The Art of Charm, because I’m on it. Hello Internet. Anything from Dan Carlin is great, both of his shows. I’m listening to — let’s see here. The Morning Dump from Jordan Cooper, who is a comedian out of Louisville. Love that show. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project, which is always good, Tim Ferriss. The Dollop, I have to recommend The Dollop to anybody that’s listening to podcasts. It’s an American history podcast with two comedians, and one comedian does 99% of the show, and the other comedian doesn’t know what the topic’s about, but comments on it the whole way through. It’s hilarious. I mean, I cry when I’m listening to that show. That is my favorite podcast on the planet right now, and these guys do not get enough love, seriously. Lore is good from Aaron Mahnke, You Are Not So Smart.

Pretty much Hello Internet and Cortex are both good because they have CGP Grey on them. CGP Grey is very smart and worth listening to, and if you really want to know about how to make money on YouTube, listen to Hello Internet because it’s CGP Grey and Brady Haran, and those guys are both multi-million subscribers on YouTube, and when they get talking about YouTube stats, it’s fascinating. So, that’s pretty much my list.

Evaldas: That’s quite a list.

Jason: I mean, I’ve got 90 podcasts in my feed, so I’m just giving you the highlight. I listen to a lot of shows. Because, if you’re not listening to a lot of podcasts, you’re not going to know what’s out there, you have to. I cycle new shows. I listen to at least five new shows a week. I’ll go to the top list on iTunes and I will pick out new shows that are showing up and listen to them and see if there’s anything that I can take away as a podcaster in bed in my shows.

Evaldas: Yeah, it’s good to research and kind of find wherewithals there outside.

Jason: Yeah, and there’s always something you can learn from somebody. I mean, just little tricks and tips on when to do a break, how to do a break, how you deal with sponsors, how do you promote your other tertiary stuff. Trust me, if you listen to enough podcasts, you can become a master podcaster just by listening to podcasts and paying attention.

Evaldas: Sounds like great advice. Alright, Jason. Thanks for coming in for great advice and sharing your story. I really enjoyed it.

Jason: My pleasure, my pleasure.

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