The Value of Transcriptions from Nicola’s perspective

The Value of Transcriptions from Nicola’s perspective

Evaldas: You have mentioned already that you use transcripts. What kind of value do you see in them?

Nicola: They’re so valuable, aren’t they? I mean, my VA sends them off the — we edit out two sections. Well, I don’t. Someone else does edits out to two sections from the podcast each week, and they go off to They get transcribed, and then my social media manager makes blog posts out of them. So, the original podcasts gets embedded on my blog. It’s got its own blog site, but the episode gets embedded on my blog as well. Then, a few weeks later, the transcription of the client challenge goes onto the blog as a blog post. Also, on a different week, the transcription of the words – we had business word of the week – goes onto the blog.

So, every single week, there’s three elements that all flow from one hour’s work go onto my blog creating unique, original content in different formats, and we know Google likes websites that have got different audio, video, and words. So, yeah, I think it’s incredible value, and apart from anything else, we’re going to put the client challenges of the week together into a book. You know, I’m just looking at finding an editor now to do that. So, I think the transcriptions — you know, you’re creating content that can just be leveraged in so many different ways.

Evaldas: Yeah, that’s what I agree as well. Create it once and then you spread it everywhere you can.

Nicola: Yeah, absolutely.

Evaldas: And I hear this quite often that — like, for instance, I interviewed Jon Nastor who is doing the Hack the Entrepreneur, he also use his episodes for creating his book online, and he put it on Amazon.

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Nicola: I mean, you could take it even further, and I have done in the past with another company is you could actually send the transcriptions to someone to turn into PowerPoint slides, and then you could put your PowerPoint slides onto SlideShare, and then I would send the PowerPoint slides to someone else and send them the audio as well, and they could make it into a video. The Business Success Factory interviews are all turned into videos by a little man called Cyril in Pakistan, who took someone else’s slides that they’ve made out of the transcription and he just used to put it onto YouTube for me. So, every podcast went onto YouTube as a video without me even having to touch it.

Evaldas: That’s very creative of you. You have all the tricks up your sleeve.

Nicola: Well, I love the fact you’re able to do one hour of chatting with a mate and then you go, you know?

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