Tips for launching a successful podcast

Tips for launching a successful podcast

Evaldas: Yeah, so that’s what I actually also see that you produce this content, but the content you, yourself, like to consume or listen. So, it’s like a win-win situation. So, I think we talked quite a bit on real interesting stuff. I would just like to ask one more question. For someone who is starting out their own podcast, what would you recommend a few things that he should look into it that his podcast would succeed and grow?

Nicola: Well, as I said, the first thing is launch with five episodes all ready to go. Because, if you go onto iTunes with five episodes and good artwork and if you can get a few people to do a review for you, it doesn’t even have to be a 5-star review. If you could just get friends and family, perhaps, to go and do reviews for you in the first week, you’ll get into the New and Noteworthy in iTunes. Once you’re in New and Noteworthy, you’ve got the chance to stay there for 16 weeks, and that really helps to build a following and a bunch of subscribers that once people subscribe, they’re quite likely to listen to a few episodes. But, if you launch with one or two episodes, you’re not giving them enough to get their teeth into.

So, launch with five or more episodes and that will give you a flying start. Make sure your artwork stands out. So, what I did was I took a screenshot of the page on iTunes, and I took the designs we were thinking of using and I shrunk them down to the right size and then I stuck them on this page just to make sure that when it was on iTunes, it would show. You would be able to read it, it would stand out in the crowd, and all that stuff.

Then, just keep going. Consistency, you know? Someone told me that most podcasts finish at around the 50 episodes mark. So, if you can get going past 50, you’re in with a chance of getting up to that, the top 40 on What’s Hot. We’re at episode 68 now, and we’ve moved up from, on average, around 100 to 200. We’re now averaging between sort of 70 and 120. So, I could see a gradual movement there, and just keep plodding on with it. Do it with someone you enjoy, if you prefer that. Do it as interviews, if you’re doing that. Think of the bigger picture, and just keep going.

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Evaldas: I hear this quite a lot from other podcasters who have over 100 or more that they say just consistency is sort of the one thing that really can make it through the hard times.

Nicola: It’s difficult because you don’t have any proof that it’s going to work. You don’t have any proof it’s going to make a difference. Judith has said to me, on occasions, if I didn’t enjoy this so much, I would have stopped by now because I’m not getting any tangible results from it. But, today, she had announced that she’d had her first one-to-one coaching client directly, as a result of the podcast. Someone recommended the podcast and then the client reached out to her.

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