Top three things that Chloe will bring if trapped in an island

Top three things that Chloe will bring if trapped in an island

Evaldas: So now if you — for some reason, you will have to move to some deserted island in Japan. Maybe not deserted, maybe some people would be living there but quite far from civilization and of course no internet, technologies and any other things. You would have to choose, you have to live for a day or for a year and you have to choose three things to take with you, what would be those things?

Chloe: Oh my word, only three?

Evaldas: Yeah, unfortunately.

Chloe: Okay.  I think my Kindle Fire with my Amazon Prime subscription, because I’m a little bit of a book set junkie and I do like to watch random things that no one watches. So the Kindle Fire with video on that, books that’s on that would be an absolute must, and lots of books. I’m fine with that. So the Kindle Fire with my books and my audio.

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Evaldas: Almost on one thing.

Chloe: An exercise bike to keep me fit and active, and a pen and paper set.

Evaldas: Very interesting. You’re into pen and paper?

Chloe: Oh, I’m always surrounded by paper and pens, and my life is run through my File Fx. So yeah, I think I like the tactile physical nature of real paper and real pens.

Evaldas: Alright. Writing a lot and getting ideas, putting it down.

Chloe: Yeah. I have to get away from the screen to get ideas flowing. Yes, scribbles. Lots of scribbles.

Evaldas: Yeah. I used to also try writing but then those notes get piled up and you just don’t get to arrange them anymore. But now I get into tendency of just noting down on my smartphone and anything I listen which is interesting so I have Google notes, so lots of those.

Chloe: Yeah. Oh yeah, I’ve got plenty of online notes as well, that is to paper. Yeah, I definitely need a paper and pen on that island.

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