Using experience to improve quality of podcast

Using experience to improve quality of podcast

Evaldas: I see. Yes. Fascinating stuff. I mean, you’re like doing an experiment, like psychologic session on your podcast so it’s like sitting on a couch and speaking to your therapist, in a sense.

Ana: In a sense, I tried to — and that was when I left psychotherapy, when I came to the United States, and I decided to focus on personal development and in life coaching at that time. Before I become a business coach I was a life coach, and the way that I used to explain to people was that, if we mention a scale. So you have number 0, and then you have -10. When I was working psychotherapy, I was working with people in that minus scale. So, if somebody had a problem, let’s say an anxiety problem, a phobia, and they were coming with me to try to overcome that. So, let’s say that they were -3 or -4 on the scale, and I will help them to have a functional life that would be 0.

I loved when I started working here in United States, did the training and then started working as life coach because, oh, now I’m working in the positive side of the scale. It’s not in the negative. It’s people that already have a functional life but they want to — they know that there is a +10 there, and they know that they are not living in that +10 life. They want to go in that positive side of the scale and I can help them in their journey of personal development. I can help them really fulfill what they feel that they are here to do and they want to do, so I love that type of work.

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Even in my podcast, I consider that it’s geared for people that have a functional life and even an entrepreneur. I love to work with people that are in a mission to making a difference. Usually, this is not their first career. This is already their second or third career. They became coaches because they know that what they do helps other people and that they want to touch more people’s lives, making a bigger impact in the world in a positive way. I love to be like a catalyst in the process, in my work in the business coaching or even with my podcast where that helps them to see different possibilities.

Evaldas: Working in a positive space probably gives you, even yourself, more positive energy as well.

Ana: Yeah. Totally. There is always some good reward at that level, for sure.

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