Value of transcriptions for Colin Gray

Value of transcriptions for Colin Gray

Evaldas: I notice that you use transcriptions for your show. Do you see any value in them?

Colin: We do for some of our shows, yeah. The ideal for me is to have a really good set of show notes. So you’ve got essentially a blog post around the same topic. So let’s say I’m talking about a wheel size does on my mountain bike podcast. I’ll talk about it, I’ll write a blog post about wheel sizes basically explaining all the same stuff that was in the podcast and that will act as the show notes. I’ll also link any resource as mentioned in the podcast. So it’s a companion written article for the podcast. It’s not a true transcription because it won’t be word for word. It’ll be written for the reader rather than written for the listener, but I do think that having a transcription alongside that is quite useful because some people want to actually just scheme over exactly what was in the podcast. They want to be able to look back at it. In some cases, maybe people don’t have time to do that blog post. They don’t have time to actually create something extensive. In that case, a transcription can be kind of a second base option. It’s not great because transcriptions don’t tend to be the most readable things in the world because we speak of it more – a bit less conversational, maybe than to write or go on a little bit. It may not be the best written English when you write down what somebody said so it’s not the best thing, but it can be better than nothing. So put a transcription alongside very brief show notes for example, can give you a bit more of a search value. People will be able to find the stuff that you’re talking about. So yeah, I think there’s a lot of value in them.

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Evaldas: Yeah. I guess if you’re also with your own transcripts to make it indexable by Google.

Colin: Yeah, exactly.

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