Value of Transcriptions from Josh’s view

Value of Transcriptions from Josh’s view

Evaldas: It’s like a heat map you have on the website, you see where the cutoff happens. What about transcripts? Have you ever tried using them and do you see any value in them?

Josh: I do see value. Maybe I’m too cheap at this point. I’m putting out six podcasts a month so I really haven’t invested into transcribing anything at this point. But, I think the value there is really, maybe, a little bit for listeners, but I think the major benefit is really for Google to be able to consume that content and kind of more richly understand the audio that’s being put on the page, like they’re able to consume the text that you would have transcribed, and you would show up in search results, and it would send people to your site as a result of that.


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So, I think that, maybe, there’s some amount of — like, I’m not living up to the full potential necessarily because we’re not driving in a ton of Google traffic. If I look at Crater and the traffics stats that it gets, we get like 50% of the traffic comes from Google. If you look at Crater podcast or SpaceDojo Show, those numbers just aren’t there. Google is not sending a ton of traffic, and I think if I were to do transcriptions, that would probably up my coming Google traffic, which would, in turn, over time, increase the audience and that kind of stuff.

Evaldas: Google sort of gets better and better at indexing and understanding relationships between the context of different things. We have even an AI that ties in different associations. That might be more like interesting part at least in the future.

Josh: Yeah.

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