Value of Transcripts in Chloe’s point of view

Value of Transcripts in Chloe’s point of view

Evaldas: Alright. Very interesting. I saw that you are transcribing some of your shows?

Chloe: Yup.

Evaldas: What kind of value do you see in transcriptions in general?

Chloe: I’ve actually just made the decision this week interestingly, that the next transcribed podcast will actually be — the transcription will actually be the show notes rather than having it as a download because I have been finding not all that many people are wanting the transcription enough to come and download it, compared to the number who actually listened to the podcast. So I thought for the next few, I’ll give just literally putting the text on the webpage you go and see what impact that makes from an SCO perspective.

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I think this one that’s going live this week will actually be the script brought in the transcript. So here’s the scripts, if you want to hear everything I said you’ll have to listen to the podcast. There’s a bit of a roundabout that. I really like the transcripts but key stories because my audience, not my podcast audience but my business audience, a lot of them aren’t yet into podcast, so a lot of my clients and friends and prospective clients in business, there are things which they would find interesting that have been in podcast but they’re not going to listen to it. So I’ve got the transcript and I can send that to them. So the one that’s going live this week has some takeaways from a conference, that I know several of clients wanted to go to, who didn’t go to, so I will send them my PDF script so they’ve immediately got something.

So I use them not just for kind of attracting people to the website and get people on the email list, I also use them to give some extra value to those people I’m working with on a daily basis.

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