What Kind of Analytics Does Jason Use?

What Kind of Analytics Does Jason Use?

Evaldas: Alright, it’s getting very interesting. I have a segment I always ask my podcasters. I’m interested in your opinion. I call it Tech Spot. So, basically, I want to know what kind of analytics are you using for your show.

Jason: Everything’s through Libsyn. All of our analytics — I mean, we have the website. We have a WordPress website, which is horrible. The Google Analytics for the website, but the main analytics we care about come through Libsyn, because then we can see how many downloads we get per episode, and we can see where in the world they’re coming from.

Evaldas: Okay, and if you would have a chance to have any kind of statistic, what would you like to have?

Jason: Oh my god, statistic. I mean, that’s a two-hour long conversation.

Evaldas: Just one.

Jason: The problem with podcasting is the fact that you’re just sending somebody an mp3. I want to see what they listened to, how long they listened, where’s the abandon rate, what’s the skip rate, and where did they skip. Those are the main ones.

Evaldas: Yeah, those three. That’s a good call.

Jason: Yeah, those are the most important parts. I want to know how long somebody listens, I want to know if they’re listening to the ads, and I want to know what they’re skipping, and I want to know when they say, “Eh, we’re not interested in this show anymore.”

Evaldas: So you can pinpoint which parts are maybe not so popular.

Jason: Yeah, we have 12 segments on Grumpy Old Geeks, and we go from the news, we go to security, we go to book reviews, we go to media reviews, TV, and film, and then we’ve got a ton of other segments that we throw in there. So, knowing which of those actually hit or don’t hit would be great, but also for The Art of Charm, I’d like to know if people are actually getting to the ads and if they’re listening through the ads, or skipping the ads, what we can do better to make them enjoy the ads, because that’s the bread and butter. Any of those types of metrics would be great for us.

*Photo Credit: GrumpyOldGeeks.com*

*Photo Credit: GrumpyOldGeeks.com*

Evaldas: Do you use any kind of transcripts and do you see value in those?

Jason: We’ve done transcripts in the past. They’re good for a lot of our deaf listeners, obviously, who can’t listen to a podcast, which we have a bunch of. For SEO, we found it didn’t work, but we still do transcripts on some of the bigger shows just to make sure that the text is out there. But, for the most part, most of our shows, we don’t, because we don’t make enough money where it becomes a viable value add. If we could make enough money and do transcripts for every show, we would love to. We would love to have the text out there for it. But, it’s difficult sometimes, especially with smaller shows. Bigger shows, we still do transcripts.

Evaldas: I mean, do you do it for Art of Charm right now?

Jason: Currently for Art of Charm, no we don’t, but we’re going to get back into it fairly soon. Just because we’ve been dealing with a lot of changes in just company structure right now, but we’ll get back into transcripts with them soon, for sure.

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