What should you do to differentiate your show

What should you do to differentiate your show

Evaldas: So I see that there’s a lot of, as you already mentioned, business entrepreneurial online marketing topics in the podcast space. Why is your show special compared to every similar type of shows?

Andrew: Well, it is practical, but the biggest single difference is that it’s entertaining. Now, I know that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea as we would say. But that’s okay. You know, I don’t want it to be trying to be appealing to everybody because I think that sort of waters down the effectiveness of it. It makes it more — that would make it more boring. So I really try to make it entertaining. I try to make people smile and laugh as they’re learning. So that’s the biggest difference with my show.

Evaldas: Having emotions in the show sort of helps to perceive, actually. Remembering, even, works differently if you remember something using our emotions, not just like your —

Andrew: That’s true. Very true.

Evaldas: And do you find it hard to compete in a space for attention?

Andrew: Well, I think it is harder now because there’s a lot more podcasts out there. But, you know, I’m happy with what I’m doing because when I see new shows come online, a lot of them just copy what other shows are doing. If someone was already doing something like that and they’re doing it well then, really, you have to stand out from the crowd. So I’ve continued to stand out from the crowd. So I do feel good about that that my show genuinely offers something different to the other podcasts.

Evaldas: And do you think is passion really necessary for a podcaster or a show host?

Andrew: Is what necessary? Sorry?

Evaldas: Passion. Passion.

*Photo Credits: QuotesGram.com*

*Photo Credits: QuotesGram.com*

Andrew: Oh absolutely, yeah. I think it’s critical to choose a topic of something that you really are excited about. Something that makes you energized — because that will come across, you know. It’s very easy to see if someone is not excited about what they do or if their heart’s not really in it. You can just sense it in their voice, in their tone. So, you know, I definitely encourage people to pick a topic that is something that they have been excited about it for years and something that they’re likely to be excited about for years rather than just like a topic where they think, “Oh, there’s some money to be made here or this is a great topic because it’s a popular topic.” Now viewers or listeners can tell if it’s not genuine, if it’s not authentic. If your heart isn’t really in it, people can definitely tell.

Evaldas: Especially your audience if you listen to them. A podcast is sort of like a little bit of an intimate medium. Much more intimate than like a radio or like a television. As I see it, more personal.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Very much so.

Evaldas: Even for your show, it’s really entertaining in the first place. But I’m just curious, do you have some moments that when you did some recording and you had some funny situations or some stories that you’d like to share that you remember now near a dinner table?

Andrew: Well, it’s always fun to record. I try to keep it fun for myself and so there’s plenty of outtakes that happen along the way. And I’ve also done some special episodes from interesting locations. And those are very memorable for me so I — for example, I’ve done an episode from Disneyworld, I’ve done an episode from Dubai, I’ve done an episode from Australia, I’ve done an episode from a cruise ship, I’ve done an episode from Vietnam, I’ve done one from Hawaii. So those are — normally, I have a little studio which I record in and so normally, the episodes are there. But occasionally, I’ll do these remote episodes and they’re a lot of fun to do. You know, they’re a lot of work but it’s quite challenging and also fun to do episodes from those visually different and interesting locations.

Evaldas: It’s probably more fun for you as well.

Andrew: Yeah, it really is.

Evaldas: I actually thought about doing it like that when I visit some city to just find local podcasters and just do on the studio.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

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