Which favorite podcasts does Beth listen to

Which favorite podcasts does Beth listen to

Evaldas:  Are you a podcast listener, yourself?

Beth:  I do listen to a few, but it’s odd that I have a confession to make:  That I’m not an auditory learner.  I’m very visual and so, I’m not drawn naturally to listening to my information, or listening to content, but I do listen to a few podcast that are from some of my colleagues.  There’s a gentleman named Dave Stachowiak, who host a podcast called Coaching for Leaders, that I really enjoy, and I consider him a friend and a colleague.  And there’s a few others that I will dabble in occasionally, but I have to admit, I’m not a huge podcast listener.

Evaldas:  Oh, what a surprise!

Beth:  I know but I love doing my own podcast.  And in some ways, when I started out, I never listened to podcasts.  I knew what they were, of course, but I hadn’t really gotten into them and I wasn’t a loyal follower of anyone’s podcast.  And in some ways, I feel like that has been useful for me because I feel like that’s enabled me to create a show that sounds like me.  I’m not trying to imitate someone else’s sound, I’m not second-guessing myself because I hear somebody else doing something, and I’m like, “Ooh, maybe I should be doing that.”  I think there’s a benefit to listening to other’s podcast because you can get ideas.  You know like, “Oh, I didn’t think of that.  That’s a great idea!  How can I adapt that for my podcast?”  So, I think that there is value in doing that, and I feel like for myself, in order to get myself going and keep the perfectionist tendencies at bay.  It was important for me to just do my own thing without obsessing about what other people were doing.

Evaldas:  So, you’re like liberated from anyone else’s opinion.

Beth:  Right. Right.  And what I found is that my podcast has a similar energy to some of the others, and it has a very different energy from many others, and that’s okay.

Evaldas:  Yeah, I think differentiating yourself somehow especially when we have so many options these days.  It’s crucial, I think, for podcasts.

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