Which podcast metrics/analytics “Introvert Entrepreneur” show uses and how valuable transcripts are

Which podcast metrics/analytics “Introvert Entrepreneur” show uses and how valuable transcripts are

Evaldas:  For my last section as I always do, I do like a techspot so I have some tech questions for you.

Beth:  Okay.  Great.

Evaldas:  So, do you use any kind of analytics for your podcast?

Beth:  The analytics—you know what’s interesting is that it’s hard to find a really solid analytics, but I use Podbean.com as my podcast host, and through there, I can find out basically how many downloads different episodes are getting.  And while a download does an equal — somebody listening to the episode or even listening to it all the way through.  It does give me a sense of which episodes are more popular, in general, because even if you were to assume that only 75% of those downloads were actual listens, you can still see which topics are grabbing people’s attention, or even if you try different ways of promoting it, which methods were more effective.  So I’m using those and I know that there’s may be some Google analytics that are attached, but I haven’t really gone in to those too much, I have to admit.

Evaldas:  So a perfect analytic will be:  If you could actually see if people are listening at all, yeah?

Beth:  Yes!  Yes!  And as far as I know, talking to other podcasters, there’s not really anything that tells you that x number of people downloaded episode ninety-five and this many people listened all the way to the end, this many people stopped halfway.  And I think the most you can know right now is how many downloads — in even geography, like I can kinda tell where the bulk of my listeners are.  And as far as I know, and if you know or if somebody else listening to this note, I would love to know how you can get more analytics.

Evaldas:  Well, there’s probably not too much right now with what’s in the market, but as I’ve heard, like it might be coming.  I mean podcast’s still sort of like newborn-medium compare to our standard radio.  But I think even radio doesn’t have that cos it’s one-way only.  But a podcasting has a potential to increase in that space.

Beth:  Exactly, I mean I think that data is there.  iTunes probably has that data, or Stitcher, or one of the other platforms that distributes podcasts.  It’s just it’s not made available to the podcasters themselves.

*Photo Credit: MensioConsulting.com*

*Photo Credit: MensioConsulting.com*

Evaldas:  Do you use or maybe have plan to use transcripts for your podcasts?

Beth:  Yeah, I have had some transcribed and I particularly did that when I was writing my book because I used the interviews as a big source for my book.  So, I highly recommend doing that and you can always have them done as something that’s like a value-added.  For the person like me, who’s not auditory, we’d rather read the interview than listen to it.  So I think you expand your reach, but I do recommend sort of a variation on the transcriptions is to do show notes, so on your website to have someone who listens to it, and can pull out the highlights.  And pull out resources that are mentioned, like if the guest or if you mention a book, or a website, or a person that on those show notes on your website you can  link to that.  So that’s providing: 1) It’s providing a great value to the listener, and 2) it’s also increasing you SEO and ability to be found online because you’ve just got richer content on your site, as opposed to just saying, “Hey, this episode I interviewed Beth Buelow, tune in.”

Evaldas:  One sentence.

Beth:  Yeah exactly.

Evaldas:  Yeah, that’s nice otherwise.

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