Why Josh loves Linux and Open Source

Why Josh loves Linux and Open Source

Evaldas: So, when did your love for open source started?

Josh: That would have been a long time ago. We got dial-up internet, I want to say, around 1994 at my house, growing up. We, within probably about a year of that, we got a new computer, so I took the old 46 that we had at the time and shoved it in the closet and threw Linux on it and kind of ran it as a head list dial-up server so we could have multiple machines on the internet. I would say downloading and installing and setting up Linux, I really started to appreciate open source. That was not something you could easily accomplish with Microsoft at the time.

Evaldas: I think there are quite a bit of things even today you cannot achieve with Windows in general. That’s why I’m mostly a Linux user, at least, in our home. Actually, I was using, also, first time on a job open source 10 years ago and ability to reuse existing codes, sounds very appealing to me. I mean, it gets you a lot more things done and it feels a lot more productive.

Josh: Yeah, I did PHP probably sometime around ’97, ’98, started to dabble in that, and while it was good, I’m not sure — we didn’t have the notion of packages or gems or anything like that, so I didn’t really get an appreciation for open source programming frameworks and languages until I came to Rails and really started to use packages there. It was definitely refreshing.

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